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Friday, May 4, 2012

A Walk in the Park

Last weekend The Husband and I went on a long walk at a local park. Since Nemo can't exercise because of his insulinoma and Melanie is still recovering from her surgery, Heidi got to come along with us all by herself.

The park we went to has trails that go around a large lake so the views are outstanding.

We went pretty early in the morning, but we passed a good number of people who were out walking their dogs, running, and even fishing in the lake.

Heidi loved it because she got some quality time in with her most favorite person...

And she got to stick her head out of the car window...

The Husband and I enjoyed it because it was a beautiful day in a beautiful place. We also enjoyed that it resulted in a tired Heidi.

Anyone else go on some nice walks with their dogs lately?

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